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Our coaches are professional athletes, they have competed and won many International Turnaments such as European and World Championships.

Roman Abramovich  toronto ontario
Roman    Abramovich

Israelian National Championships Judo seniors  2006-2007 Gold 

Israelian National Championships Judo juniors 2005 Gold medal

Israelian National Championships Sambo seniors gold medal

World Cup-Miami-7 Place

European Championships-2006 Estonia

World Cup - 2009 Estonia

World Cup - 2009 Warshaw, Poland

International Vienna Open - 2006 Austria

Europian Cup 2007-Paks, Hungary

Hungarian Open 2007- Budapest, Hungary

Europian Cup 2006-2008 Istanbul, Turkey

World Championships sambo-2008 Uzbekistan

World Championships sambo- Saloniki, Greece

World Championships Belt Wresling-Togo, Africa

New York open-2010 USA

International Quebec Open-gold medal-Canada

Roman Abramovich Judo
Koba Chimchiuri judo North York

Ukraine National Championships Cup -2007-2009 Gold Medal

Ukraine National Championships U20-2005-Gold Medal

Ukraine National Championships U23-2007-Gold Medal

World Cup-Tallin, Estonia-2 Place

Europian Cup- 2003 Kiev- Gold Medal

World Cup-Tbilise,Georgia-2008

World Cup-Poland-2009

World Cup-Baku, Azerbaijan-2008

Europian Cup-Istanbul, Turkey-2007

Europian Championship-2007 Salzburg, Austria

Europian Cup-2009 Orenburg, Russia

Olympic Judo Centre
Olympic Judo Centre
Roman Abramovich Judo Sambo
Olympic Judo Centre Toronto
Roman Abramovich Judo Toronto
Judo Toronto Canada North York
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