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Main goal of the Olympic Judo Centre is to guide its students toward achieving the highest levels in judo. With us you can transcend and improve your physical and technical ability.


The difference between our school and others is our commitment to our students! We create a special, personalized exercise program tailored to each student’s abilities and specific goals. These individualized programs are created by our experienced coaches, who have won tournaments on the International and World scale.


For the best results in our center we have created classes for small groups, as well as additional personal training opportunities that allow us to give full attention to each athlete.


Our highly qualified trainers have extensive experience with students of all ages. Whether you are a beginner or an athlete of international level, we will create a personalized training plan that will best meet your goals and objectives.


The Olympic Judo Centre helps you to discover your mental and physical strength as you test your limits in this ancient art of combat.


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Judo Kids

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